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The Theater & Arcade

Arcade Games in Dayton, Ohio (OPEN NOW)

Based in Dayton, Ohio, XD MAX is a great place to come play your favorite arcade games with your friends. In addition, our 6-D Motion Theater Ride provides an entertainment experience that is unforgettable.

6-D Motion Ride Experience

Sit down, buckle up, keep your hands and legs in the ride at all times, and HOLD ON...This adventure is about to begin.

XD Theater Logo XD Theater Group of People Sitting in XD Theater

Introducing the XD Theater with patented Mad Wave Motion Technology.  The XD theater is a Full Motion Simulator Thrill Ride for the whole family.  It transcends time, space and imagination.  The Theater features 8 seats, so all of your friends and/or family can enjoy the experience together.  Our individually seated XD Theater provides more animation and the movements are more realistic and a heck of a lot faster!  Each of our seats boasts up to 2G's of acceleration and 400 movements per second, plus 6 degrees for freedom.  This is more than just jolts and tilts from your standard platform.

When it comes to entertainment and interactive fun, nothing compares to our XD Theater.  Experiencing it is simply incredible.  The theater features a 15 foot screen with HD 3-D Movie effects that are top of the line.  It also features HD audio surround sound effects and 6-D effects that are out of this world.  This experience is a thrill of a lifetime.

Each of our 10 films last 6 minutes and you can select from a variety of movie titles.  Are you in for a scare?  Take a ride in our Haunted Mine.  Want to ride a coaster that is out of this world?  Visit us in space on the Cosmic Coaster.  Space too much for you and you would rather feel the pull of gravity?  Enjoy the excitement of the Canyon Coaster.  Want to go on a Safari but can't afford it?  Well, we have that too.  Want to visit the Great Wall of China?  Come with us and we will take you on the ride of your life.  Strap on your Jet Pack and take a flight with Jett and Jin on their wild ride adventure to school.  We also have the Haunted Catacombs of Paris.  The Speed racer is our most intense ride available.  A crazy Go-cart race that comes with 3 Nitro Boosts, so hold on to your seats.  Our Newest Ride is like Jurassic Park the movie.  Want to enjoy the Dinosaurs from the Jurassic period?  Check out Dino Safari and come face to face with not one T-rex, but three, also watch out for the Velociraptors.  NOW OPEN... the Wild West Mine Ride, featuring Maximus from Tangled !!!!

More rides coming soon!!!  Watch out for Frankenstein!!!

The Ride  ($5)

Averaging SIX minutes per ride, the theater has TEN different movies, each offering a completely different story line, as well as ride.

Cosmic Coaster Is a Roller Coaster in Space That Generates 2-Gs of Force
Haunted Mine Is an Old Fashion Mine Riding in a Mine Cart
Safari Take a ride in the African wilderness, please don't feed the animals. Save the animals from the poachers.
Canyon Coaster Riders experience the thrill of an old coaster set in the Grand Canyon
China Wall Take flight to China
Jett & Jin's Jet Pack Adventure Is a Jet Pack Adventure Where Riders Miss the Bus to School & Get Their on a Jet Pack (Geared for Kids)

Just to list a few...

Dino Safari 3D Tyrannosaurus Rex

Video Arcade & Games (Varies From 25 Cents to $1)

Offering a full range of video and arcade games, children and adults can come in and have a great time. Gamers are able to redeem tickets and go play whatever suits their tastes. From sports and shooting games, to driving games, we have something for everyone.  Our arcade features some of the newer games on the market.  Weather you want to shoot Aliens or shoot basketballs, we have it all.  We also feature a ticket-less ticket redemption center for those of you who like a little challenge while you play.  Earn tickets that can be redeemed for a prizes.  Redeem them now or save them for later as our computerized account system will save them for you on your own personal gaming card.

Game Room Video Game
  • NBA™ basketball
  • 4-Player PAC-MAN Smash
  • Terminator™
  • Ice Ball Skeet
  • Dirty Drivin
  • Fruit Ninja™
  • Super Bikes 2
  • Speed of Light
  • Big Bass Wheel Pro
  • Harpoon Lagoon
  • Dead Heat
  • Operation Ghost
  • Snocross™
  • Dizzy Chicken
  • Treasure Quest
  • And Much Much More

us in Dayton, Ohio, to ask about our selection of video and arcade games.